Welcome to I.T. Skills 4 Rural Kenya

I.T. Skills 4 Rural Kenya is an Award winning, registered charity in England and Wales. It was founded in 2005 by Kenyan born, Mr. Edward Kibosek. The idea came about as a result of a practical community classroom exercise at the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom and was part of the Community Informatics module that Mr. Kibosek attended in 2002. The aim of the initiative is to empower people in rural villages in Kenya through:

  • Equipping the villages with the supply of recycled computers through our Computers for Kenya Scheme
  • Educating the people in these assigned villages through a volunteer - led train the trainer capacity building scheme, and
  • Empowering rural villages in Kenya, with the aim of making them centres for economic empowerment and development.

In 2007, I.T. Skills 4 Rural Kenya started with two prototype projects in two communities in Kenya; these are Kibugat Information and Communication Technology Centre, (KICTC) in the Rift Valley and Antubochiu Information and Communication Technology centre in Eastern Provinces respectively. Our work has been welcomed by the UN and the Kenyan Government who have both asked ITS4RK to continue and expand its work. To date we have 16 of these centres across 4 provinces in Kenya.


Our vision is to establish over 195 Mtandao Viganjani ICT Initiatives (Swahili for Internet on the thumb). These Mtandao Viganjani Initiatives are Community owned rural networks that act as diverse community information resource mobilisation centres, community advocacy and awareness spaces and a converging point of community synergy through ICTs. Our remit is to establishing these centres across 47 Counties in Kenya. This is a project that will need 20,000 computers, 1000 volunteers and will bring proximate ICT driven opportunities to 2,000,000 Kenyans.


We at I.T. Skills 4 Rural Kenya have since our inception sought to establish ourselves as a capacity building organisation, providing equal opportunities to rural based communities in Kenya through access to affordable ICT facilities and training with the hope of bridging the ever widening digital divide between rural and urban centres in Kenya.


4th ICT 4 Development Conference in Rural Kenya

The Governor is the second highest political leader in Kenya to laud the work the Charity is doing after Kenyas 4th President His Excellency Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta met the organisation s Founder, Mr. Edward Kibosek in London mid this year, declaring his full support for the initiative, especially that it is led by Kenya Diaspora. Governor Chepkwony was in Brighton too towards the end of August Click here for more information